Car accessories improve your car’s appearance and makes your driving experience easier and more pleasurable. From wheel cover sets to gear shift knobs, steering wheel cover sets and more, our wide selection of accessories will give your drive that personal touch.

  Lubricants, Additives & Greases

Lubricants reduce your engine wear and make it run more smoothly. We supply a range of high-quality lubricants from leading suppliers in order to give you ultimate peace of mind when driving.

Additives are chemical treatments that prevent contamination of essential fluids and solve problems with your car. Common problems such as black exhaust smoke, clogged injectors, high exhaust emissions, poor engine performance, excessive fuel consumption, leaks and bad smells can all easily be solved or prevented by using additives.

Grease is an important component in the running of any vehicle as it allows different parts to function smoothly whilst preventing extreme wear and tear. We stock a range of products from well-known and trusted manufacturers to make sure your engine runs smoothly. From anti-freeze to brake fluid, battery acid and more, Naskar has you covered when it comes to high-quality car additives. Drive with the peace of mind that your car will run more smoothly and reliably.

  Auto Body Parts

Tired of a cracked headlight? Visit us for a comprehensive range of auto body parts. If we don’t have it, we can get it!

  Auto Electrical Parts

Make sure your car remains on the road with high-quality auto electrical parts. We stock a wide range of new starters, alternators, regulators and more.

  Brake Parts

Brakes are of vital importance to keeping all road users, including the driver, passengers, and cargo, safe while on the road. Make sure you are safe with Naskar’s comprehensive range of trusted brake parts, brake discs and brake pads.

  Car Audio

A study in the Netherlands found that listening to music can positively impact your mood while driving, which can lead to safer behaviour than not listening to music! The next time you feel frustrated in traffic, crank up your favourite tunes to improve your state of mind. Naskar has a wide selection of quality car audio systems to choose from.

  Car Batteries

Even if you keep your terminals clean and your charging system works fine, you’ll eventually need to replace the battery. When you do, do it right. Use only the battery that matches manufacturer’s specs at the very least. Batteries are typically replaced every 24 to 60 months or as needed.

  Car Care

Taking care of your vehicle is made simple at Naskar. Keep it clean, shiny and looking good with our wide range of car care products – from soaps, waxes, microfibre cloths to window and wheel cleaners and much more. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you.

  Clutch Kits

Clutch kits are an integral part of your car’s transmission and by extension, the working and mobility of your car as a whole. It’s what allows smooth, easy gear changing and gives you power when you pull away. It works in collaboration with your engine, delivering power to your wheels. Over the lifetime of your vehicle, you will need to replace the clutch kit when it starts to wear as this affects the amount of power received, making gear changes more difficult. When this happens, it is time to replace your old clutch kit, which includes the actual clutch, a pressure plate, bearings and other alignment tools. We carry a range of clutch kits and parts suited to many different vehicle brands and models.

  Cooling System Parts

An internal combustion engine will naturally get hot due to the power created by the engine. But there is a limit to how hot an engine can run, and cooling is necessary to have the engine run optimally and safely. The engine temperature is regulated by a system using air to cool water/coolant. Modern cars have moved away from using water alone to cool the engine, and instead use a mix of water and coolant additive, as it provides higher engine temperature tolerance and anti-corrosion properties. The type and mixture of coolant used will vary depending on your vehicle and engine cooling needs. The life of the coolant will also vary depending on the application. All of this is covered in your vehicle’s handbook. Visit Naskar for radiators, fans, viscous clutches, hoses and belts.

  Engine Parts

Visit our Silverton store for the widest range of excellent, high-quality aftermarket engine parts, from fuel and water pumps to timing belts, cylinders, complete engines and more. We stock an extensive range of hard parts to keep your vehicle on the road.


The air filter filters the air that combines with fuel to create a combustible mixture, and the filter stops any foreign bodies from entering your engine. If you continue to drive with a dirty/clogged up air filter you run the risk of reducing the air flow into your engine, which could change the air-fuel mixture within the engine combustion chamber. This could create engine wear and contamination and affect overall vehicle performance as the air-fuel mixture will not be optimal for your engine.

The cabin/pollen filter performs the function of filtering the air that enters the cabin of your vehicle. It stops contaminants from entering the cabin (such as mould, environmental pollutants, dust particles, airborne material, and pollen) which can make the journey more pleasant especially if you suffer from respiratory problems or allergies. Over time the cabin filter will get dirty and clogged and requires replacement at certain intervals.

Similarly, if your oil gets dirty, the oil filter will eventually clog up and not perform properly, allowing dirty oil to circulate through the engine, and not lubricate and cool the engine efficiently.

The fuel filter is usually a paper cartridge, removing large foreign particles such as dust and dirt from your fuel system. If you don’t replace the fuel filter at regular intervals it will eventually clog, and restrict fuel flow, resulting in a drop in performance. Some vehicle manufacturers will suggest replacing your fuel filter every 12 months, however, every vehicle and the type of filter fitted are different, so check your log book for replacement intervals.

  Garage Equipment

Whatever your skill level in car maintenance or repair, good quality garage equipment is crucial when performing any work on your vehicle. From jumper cables and jump starters to jacks, we stock a wide range of garage equipment to meet your needs.


Worn or damaged shock absorbers will drastically reduce braking operation and efficiency and will result in premature tyre wear. Unsafe shock absorbers also negatively affect road holding, stability control and make the vehicle very difficult to control around corners – all posing a safety risk on the road.

  Suspension Parts

A vehicle’s suspension has two jobs: one, provide a smooth ride over bumps, and two, keep the wheels in contact with the road so you can safely control the car. Suspension parts wear out over time, and when they’re worn, they can negatively impact the vehicle’s ability to adapt to road conditions. Nothing puts your car’s suspension to the test, however, like accident avoidance and the accompanying hard braking and sudden weight shifts. In these situations, new suspension parts could mean the difference between going off the road to avoid hitting another vehicle or maintaining control. Don’t wait for an accident to learn that your suspension system is failing. Inspect and maintain your suspension system’s various components regularly. Naskar supplies a comprehensive range of suspension parts and spares from leading manufacturers.


Tyres need to be checked regularly to ensure there is sufficient tread depth left, and to make sure there are no punctures or visible damage to the tyre.